Dear Guests!

LAST UPDATE 26.8.2021:

We are allowed to welcome all guests now! However a few rules must be observed:

  • At CheckIn a recent valid negative COVID-19 test (exception: kinds until age 6 are not required to have a negative test) or a proof of immunisation must be shown:
    • antigen rapid test are valid for 48h after sampling (from 1.9.2021 on: for persons below age of 12 year: 48h; for other persons 24h)
    • PCR-Tests are valid for 72h after sampling (from 1.9.2021 on: for persons below age of 12 year: 72h; for other persons 48h)
    • full vaccination less than 9 month ago
      • vaccines that require two doses must be completed - valid from the day of the second dose on
      • vaccines that require only one dose are valid from day 22 past vaccination on
      • Only vaccinations with vaccines approved in the European Union are valid
    • proof of past infection within the last 6 month
    • Please note: we do not offer self-tests on site - please visit a Testcenter before arrival if necessary!
  • For reasons of contact tracing for each travel group at least one of the persons living within the same household must register with name, telephone number and email adress (preferably of all persons)
  • For Breakfast in the breakfast room guests must again daily
    • register electronically with a smartphone app / QR-Code and
    • keep negative COVID Test valid (renew every second day) and provide proof at breakfast, except if immunisation has been proven at CheckIn
    • The City of Vienna provides many free or non-free testing options, more info at the Wbsite of the city of Vienna or the website of the tourist office.
    • We recommend making use of the free "Alles Gurgelt! (everybod gargle!)" PCR-Test-System!
      Testkits for self-sampling (gargling in front of your smartphone or tablet) in your room are available directly from us - Testkit drop off at close by Billa supermarket - drop of before 9:00 receive results online within 24h !

More information on the current situation in Vienna can be found on the offical website of the Vienna Tourist Board.

To make your stay as unburdened as possible we are implementig a series of measures:

  • Breakfast (if booked) may also be served as in-room service on request (no surcharge) - we kindly ask for a preorder the night before.
  • At the breakfast buffet heightened hygiene measures are in place (distancing, recommendation to wear face masks, hand disinfection before going to the buffet area, regular change of cutlery, disinfection of contact surfaces. Hand disinfection will be provided at the table. Seats are distanced according to regulations.
  • Hand disinfection stations are placed at relevant positions throughout the house
  • Portable hand disinfection to take along is provided as an in-room amenity
  • in addition to our regular high cleaning standard important contact surfaces (TV remote, switches, door knobs, toilet, tablet computer, ...) are disinfected upon departure. Contact surfaces in public areas are disinfected on a regular basis.
  • If possible, rooms are left vacated as long as possible, providing additional safety
  • All non-essential decoration elements (pillows, day covers, etc.) and amenities (sewing kit, lotion, etc.) are removed from the room, but are available upon request.
  • Minibar is not stocked by default - beverages are available upon individual request
  • Access to sauna (without surcharge) is limited to the guests staying in the same room at a time, upon request and prereservation, with cleaning and disinfection of contact surfaces in between.
  • Almost contact less CheckIn is possible - Your (disinfected) key card can be deposited at the front desk for you to take without direct interaction with our staff. The registration sheet will be placed in your room for you to fill out and return to the front desk later.
  • CheckOut may be contact less if you provide credit card details and and email address with your reservation and allow us to charge your room bill to it upon CheckIn.Your invoice will be sent via email.
  • All our staff members are invited and encouraged to be tested for a SARS-CoV-2 infection weekly at no cost for them
  • Should a guest require a test, there are plenty of free or fee-based testing offers available in Vienna. More Information can be found at the Website of the City of Vienna or the Website if the Vienna Tourist Info

We kindly ask our guest to obey the following rules:

  • face mask recommendation in all public indoor areas, especially in the buffet area of the breakfast room
  • Keep a distance of at least 1 meters to staff and other guests
  • Use the elevator alone or together with persons stay with you in a room only
  • Make regular use of hand disinfection (especially required before and after each time going to the breakfast buffett area)
  • Get the official "Stopp Corona" App for your Smartphone (and don't forget to reactivate you home country's app upon return home)
  • If you suspect to be sick, please stay in your room until medical clarification (call public hotline 1450 to get assistance and guidance)
  • Please also inform us about any other infectious disease you may have had during your stay. That allows us take additional precautionary measures (disinfection, cleaning, vacting the room for an extended period) accordingly. This information will be kept confidential except for diseases that we are required to report to public health authority.

Due to the crisis situation our reception may not be staffed all the time, but there is always someone on site available on call and in person any time 24/7.

We wish to extend our best wishes to you and your loved ones. We are looking forward to welcome you again!

Stay safe and healthy!

Best regards,

Family Spiess and Team.